Original WW2 Military Documents for sale

Hard-to-find German and Western Allied forces military intelligence documents

Original WW2 military planning or information documents and publications which you'll seldom find for sale elsewhere

Silhouettes of British Aircraft

A realisation of the inefficiences brought about by so many different types of aircraft led to the rationalisation of this most important wartime industry.

Handbook of the Apparatus, Dome

Rare operating instructions for the anti-aircraft gunnery training domes constructed in Britain during WW2.

Stadtdurchfahrtplane Nordost-Frankreich

The atlas of town plans of North-East France prepared by the German Wehrmacht in 1939 prior to the invasion and occupation of the region.

Grossbritannien und Irland: Funkstellen; Fernsprech und Telegraphennetz

The German early 1940s large double-sided map of Great Britain's radio transmitters stations, telephone and telegraph network.

Karten der Harmonischen Gezeitenkonstanten fur das Gebiet der Westbritischen Gewasser

German WW2 U-boat tidal atlas for West British waters

WW2 Ober-Italien Stadtdurchfahrtplane [Northern Italy town plans]

A nice military atlas of about 90 North Italian town plans issued in 1940 by the German Wehrmacht.


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