Original WW2 Military Documents for sale

Hard-to-find German and Western Allied forces military intelligence documents

Original WW2 military planning or information documents and publications which you'll seldom find for sale elsewhere

Index to Anti-Aircraft Publications and Films

An exceedingly rare index of War Office WW2 production publications, films and training gramophone records for use in anti-aircraft gunnery and searchlight training.

Leitfaden der Flugnavigation

A specialist dead-reckoning 2 volume training manual used by Luftwaffe trainee navigators; seldom found in Germany, outstandingly rare in the UK.

Grossbritannien und Irland: Funkstellen; Fernsprech und Telegraphennetz

The German early 1940s large double-sided map of Great Britain's radio transmitters stations, telephone and telegraph network.

Redcar - WW2

A photograph album of the defences against air-raids constructed in the Redcar area in 1938, immediately prior to WW2

Karten der Harmonischen Gezeitenkonstanten fur das Gebiet der Westbritischen Gewasser

German WW2 U-boat tidal atlas for West British waters

WW2 Ober-Italien Stadtdurchfahrtplane [Northern Italy town plans]

A nice military atlas of about 90 North Italian town plans issued in 1940 by the German Wehrmacht.

Militargeographische Beschreibung von Frankreich. Teil II: Nordwest Frankreich

A lovely complete set of the primary folder of maps for the invasion and occupation of North-West France prepared by the German Wehrmacht in 1940.


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