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Notable WW2 joint British/US military intelligence reports

British and American Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS) military intelligence reports from 1944-45 on German wartime research and technology.

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German Activities in the French Aircraft Industry

January 1945 : Report on the 5-week visit in December 1944 and January 1945 by a large CIOS team to obtain information on all work done for the Germans by the principal French aircraft factories outside the Paris area during the occupation. 25 targets were visited.

Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart

1945 : An examination of the production of aircraft engine generators, regulators and related equipment manufactured by Robert Bosch of Stuttgart.

The German Commercial Air Transport Industry and Related Aeronautical Activities and Developments

1945 : The definitive 1945 Allied report on the German air transport industry: airline operations; air traffic control and air safety; airports and airways, airplanes; aircraft accessories; aircraft power plants; communications; navigation; meteorology.

Robert Bosch and Deckel Co

June 1945 : A major report on various aspects of fuel injection and vehicle electrical equipment, manufacturing and development work conducted at Stuttgart, Munich and elsewhere.

History of General Automotive Development at the Stuttgart Research Institute

August 1945 : Automobile development work carried out by Professor Wunibald Kamm of the Stuttgart Research Institute covering the safety, economy, performance and comfort of passenger cars.

Institut fur Physikalische Forschung Neu Drossenfeld

June 1945 : Report on a demonstration of a television-type homing device for missiles

Caves at Bad Mories [sic = Bas Moriers], near Vaas used for Storage of Peroxide

November 1944 : A fine military intelligence report by CIOS on storage facilities for fuel for jet aircraft and V2 rockets in caves in France.

Heinkel-Hirth TL Gas Turbine Engine

April 1945 : The report by CIOS on experimental engines by Heinkel at Staatliche Salinen, a salt mine at Kochendorf near Friedrichshall.

Radar and Controlled Missiles

August 1944 : WW2 intelligence report on German research and development in the Paris area in radar and guided missiles

Caproni-Campini Aircraft and Allied Developments in Italy.

June 1944 : CIOS report on the original prototype Italian Campini aircraft with a ducted airscrew or fan, and ducted exhaust, a forerunner of true jet propulsion.

Physical & Optical Instrument Targets Paris Area

Aug/Sept 1944 : Information on 17 separate companies visited by Allied intelligence officers in August/September 1944 (shortly after Paris was liberated); details of work or business previously done for the enemy, equipment of interest, and manufacturing facilities.

Institutes of the Bevollmaechtigter fuer Hochfrequenz-Forschung

1945 : The major CIOS report on the German high-frequency electronic research institutes.

The Carl Bosch Laboratory of Berlin

July 1945 : Report on wartime radar and infra-red experimental work carried out at the Carl Bosch laboratory of Berlin.

Photographic Lenses and Optical Instruments [in the Paris area]

December 1944 : Information on about 17 separate companies visited by Allied intelligence officers in December 1944 (shortly after Paris was liberated); details of work or business previously done for the enemy, equipment of interest, and manufacturing facilities.

Design of Turbo Generators built for German Navy

June 1945 : Brown, Boveri & Company, the subject of this report, were the designers and manufacturers of large turbo-generators for capital ships and cruisers such as the Prinz Eugen" and smaller units for destroyers and escort vessels.

IG Central Rubber Organisation at Leverkusen

May 1945 : "The object of the visit was to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest developments in fundamental ... rubber research in Germany. The facilities at the Central Laboratories at Leverkusen are probably unequalled elsewhere in the world."

Disc Valve Engine Junkers Torpedo Engine Model Jumo, KM8

1945 : WW2 military intelligence report by the Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee on the Jumo KM8 torpedo engine with rotary disc valves designed by Felix Wankel.

Miscellaneous Aviation Medical Matters

August 1945 : A substantial report on German wartime research, often unethical, into general aviation medical matters and on the patho-physiological aspects of prolonged exposure to cold resulting from aircrew baling out at high altitude or landing in water.

Combination Air-Oil-Cooled Engine Development for 3-ton Opel-Blitz Truck

1945 : As a result of experiences in Africa where water was scarce, the German High Command brought pressure to bear on all engine producers to concentrate on developing air-cooled engines. As a result Opel initiated two semi-oil-air-cooled engine projects.

Personnel Anti-bomb Shelters

April 1945 : A detailed description of two very large bomb shelters (Grossmarkthalle Bunker and Windeckstrasse Bunker) located in Bonn.

Description of Junkers .004 (203) Jet Propulsion Engines

December 1944 : Three separate reports combined into one on the manufacture of Junkers jet engines at the Matford Plant, Strasbourg.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Targets in Northern Germany and Holland

June/July 1945 : A substantial report on the activities at 13 medical sites in Hamburg, Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam, and 15 pharmaceutical targets in Hamburg, Lubeck, Hannover, Braunschweig and Oss.

Underground Factories in Central Germany

May/June 1945 : The primary source of detailed information on the organisation of German underground wartime secret industry at 13 locations in Central Germany.

Bayerische Motor Werke (BMW)

May, June 1945 : "The target ... is one of the outstanding German stations for stationary tests on rocket motors. Stations of comparable importance have been only at Peenemunde and Berlin". (Extract from report)

Hermann Goering Steel Works Paul Pleiger Hutte Stahlwerke Braunschweig

May 1945 : Showing the successful attempts by the Germans to produce satisfactory steel in sizable quantity from low grade ores mined locally without the assistance of imported high grade ores.


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