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Original WW2 Military Documents for sale

Aircraft Vibration and Flutter Research in Germany

BIOS Intelligence Report. Misc No. 61. British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (BIOS). October 1945.

** A review (by the US Naval Technical Mission in Europe, distributed by BIOS) of developments on aircraft vibration and flutter research by some of the most important aircraft design groups and research centres in Germany

Duplicated typewritten report in English, 10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms. 69 pages, 20 illustrations.

Very good in original stapled card wrappers.

The elimination of flutter, the dangerous oscillation of aircraft wings or other parts, caused by the interaction of aerodynamic forces, structural elastic reactions, and inertia, had become increasingly important in aircraft design.

The phenomenon had been known since the early days of aviation. However, the rapidly increasing speeds of aircraft in the late 1930s and 1940s had resulted in a higher likelihood of flutter occurring.

This could, and indeed did on several occasions, lead to the complete break-up of the aircraft in flight.

The military-led flutter research from the 1930s onwards, including the work covered in this report, resulted in the safe design of modern civilian passenger aircraft.

A major work, rarely seen for sale.

£225 including UK postage and insurance (enquire for overseas delivery)

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