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** Uniquely issued in this numbered format to high ranking members of the intelligence community and then suppressed for security reasons.

WW2 RESTRICTED report Copy No 256 Messerschmitt Advanced Fighter Design

CIOS Intelligence Report. XXXII-41. Combined [British/US] Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS). July 1945.

** An examination of the P-1101, P-1106, P-1110, P-1111, P-1112 series of prototype Messerschmitt jet fighters under development in the final year of WW2.

CIOS 'Black List of targets for urgent investigation' category: Jet propulsion

Duplicated typewritten report in English, 10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms. 8 pages plus 5 pages of illustrations

Immaculate in original stapled card wrappers. Protected in a modern clear archival jacket. You'll never find a better copy.

The Messerschmitt P.1101 was a single-seat, single-jet, swept-wing fighter project, developed in response to the 15 July 1944 Emergency Fighter Program,[2] which sought the second generation of jet fighters for the Third Reich.

A characteristic feature of the P.1101 prototype was that the sweep of the wings could be changed before flight, a feature further developed in later US variable-sweep aircraft such as the Bell X-5 and Grumman XF10F Jaguar.

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