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Militargeographische Beschreibung von Frankreich. Teil II: Nordwest Frankreich

Generalstab des Heeres (German General Staff): Berlin: Generaldstab des Heeres, 1940.

A green card printed folder, 8.5 x 6 inches, 22 x 15 cms, containing 8 very large folding 1:200,000 maps and 1 1:1,000,000 key map of North West France, together with a separate Stadtdurchfahrtplane atlas of 116 street maps of towns in the area (Carenton, St. Lo, Caen, etc.), one to a page or two to a page; some are large double-page fold-out plans. In fine and virtually original condition, as issued by the Wehrmacht in 1940.

A near-immaculate example of the German Army's set of maps and town plans for North West France, published in Berlin by the German Abteilung fur Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen (Department for War Maps and Surveying) within the Generalstab des Heeres (German General Staff), (Nur fur den Dienstgebrauch) (For Official Use Only) as part of the German war plans for Europe.

This collection of German wartime maps and town plans has immense historical significance covering as it does, inter-alia, the Normandy D-Day landings area four years later.

Indeed, it is likely that many German commanders facing the British, American, Canadian and other Allied troops in June 1944 would have had these same maps to work from.

In short, anyone in the land forces in Normandy and North West France in 1944/45 will have fought their way through this terrain and through the actual streets shown in many of the town plans.

Companion sets were issued by the Wehrmacht for North East, South West and South East France.

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